A chatbot is software designed to engage in chat-based conversations resembling human interactions. It serves the primary purpose of promptly responding to user inquiries using instant messaging. By mimicking human-like conversations, chatbots enhance user experiences, streamline interactions, and provide quick solutions. They find applications in customer support, information retrieval, and various automated tasks, optimizing efficiency and accessibility in diverse domains.

a chatbot is like a computer program that talks to people online. It’s designed to chat with users like you’re texting a friend. The main job of a chatbot is to quickly answer questions and have conversations with people using messaging apps. Imagine you’re shopping online and you have a question about a product. Instead of waiting for a person to respond, a chatbot can help you right away. It’s kind of like having a smart robot that’s always ready to chat with you.

These chatbots are good at talking like humans, so they make online conversations smoother and help people get answers faster. You’ll find them in lots of places, like when you need help with customer support, finding information, or doing tasks online without talking to a real person. They’re like little helpers that make things work better and faster on the internet.

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