Churn Rate

The churn rate is the measure of how many Customers or Subscribers stop using a Company’s Products / Services during a predetermined time period. It’s also known as the Attrition Rate. The number of non-returning customers may also be considered churn. In simple words, it is better to have a smaller churn rate.

In the world of digital marketing, churn rate is a way to figure out how many customers you’re losing in a certain period, like a month or a year. It’s a big deal because it helps digital marketers see if their marketing efforts are keeping people interested or if they’re losing them.

When the churn rate is high, it could mean that the digital marketing strategies aren’t working well. People might not like what they see, or they find better options elsewhere. It’s a bit like people quickly clicking away from a website because they don’t like it. Digital marketers also use churn rate to see how long, on average, people stay engaged with their content or services. This shows if the marketing strategies are keeping people’s attention.

So, it’s like a signal that helps digital marketers understand if they need to make their online content or ads more appealing. By keeping an eye on the churn rate, digital marketers can adjust their strategies to make sure people stick around, which is great for their online success.

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