The Kilkari Day Care Program provides a Safe place for Working Parents to Entrust their Children while they are at work. We understand the Struggle of Juggling Work and Parenting Our excellent Day Care Programs help you do both and enjoy parenthood.

Selecting the Best PreSchool & Day Care in Gurgaon for your child is a significant decision. Kilkari Playschool & Day Care, known as one of the Best PreSchool & Day Care in Gurgaon, combines location, safety, experienced staff, a comprehensive curriculum, and flexibility to offer your child an enriching early education experience. With a focus on nurturing and educating, Kilkari Playschool & Day Care provides the perfect environment for your child’s growth and development. Make an informed choice and give your child the best start in life with Kilkari Playschool & Day Care. Your child’s journey to discovery and learning starts here.

The Initial Steps a Child takes and their First Words are Crucial, just like the choice of their First School, which Profoundly Influences their Development. At Kilkari, We Strive to Create an Environment that Nurtures Young Minds, Fostering their Growth into Responsible Future Citizens.

We firmly believe that a Joyful Child is a better Learner, so We Incorporate Happiness into our Curriculum, making Learning a Fun and Creative Experience for our Kids.


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